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about westmara

Letter To Our Customers, 

Thank you for your interest in our Company. We are proud to say we utilize over 60 years of combined construction experience between our 3 principals. We share a belief that construction practices are best operated with a rigidly honest model that is shared across divisions in a simple and efficient manner. We believe in systems that allow our customers to be educated on the daily activities of their project without loosing site on the importance of our sub – trade and supplier relationships. As the Prime Project Manager we are committed to the construction of buildings using the most technically proficient practices performed by craftsmen with extensive experience in their specific fields. We have been involved in over 100 custom homes at various levels and we our experience in contemporary homes & complex renovations is comparable to any builder in the city. We navigate the complex environment of construction in a style that is simple & transparent for the customer. We provide monthly reports so the owner can measure their capital expenditure against the progress of the job and we empower our customers to make difficult decisions with our extensive experience supporting their vision.

Geoff Vetter

Westmara President

If I hire Westmara for my construction, what will it look like?

  • We are organized & process motivated.
  • We produce monthly reports to our customers updating budget & schedule. No need to ask. It’s part of our process.
  • We are transparent. All quotes, invoices, & site reports are managed with an easy to use software so the owner has all documents easily accessed whenever they need.
  • We only have people working on our projects who understand custom homes and are committed to long term quality.
  • Our fundamental principal is that we empower the home owner during construction with industry leading standards. And we empower the homeowner over the long term by adding long term value to real estate through quality and sound decision making.
  • Our sites are efficient, clean, scheduled, and controlled at all times.